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Branded Refractor F/10 Telescope 70mm x 700mm up to 525x magnification!!! Observe Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Stars and Constellations Like Never Before!

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High Magnification Refractor Telescope for beginners in skywatching!

Achieve up to 525x magnification. Observe the Moon, Stars, Constellations Most Planets like you've never seen them before! This telescope is an excellent option for beginners as well as for those who own lower power telescopes. Comes with full sized extendable Aluminium Tripod, 3 different eye pieces, 2 Barlow lens (1.5x and 3x Barlow), 90 degree rotation eye piece, finder scope, accessory disc, user manual, slow motion vertical align control system, and rotation around both vertical and horizontal axes! Weight approx 4 Kg. Aperture 70 mm. Focal Length 700mm. 1.25 inch optics ensure universal comtibility and allow you to upgrade in future by buying interchangeable lenses!

Note: 500x magnification is for land viewing using various attachments included in the kit. However, for celestial viewing the pratical power to be used should be lesser depending on your expertise of use and familiarity. 

  • Achieve several levels of magnification, upto 520 times!!!
  • Excellent for beginners as well as those who already own lower powered telescopes
  • 1.25 inch optics 
  • Construction comprising sturdy metal materials
  • Comes with 3 eye pieces, 2 barlow lens, and a 90 degree rotation eye piece, and finder scope with micro adjustments
  • Comes with an extendable tripod, fine adjustment lever, user manual, and all fittings
  • Achieve several magnifications: 28x, 42x, 56x, 84x, 168x, 175x, 260x, 520x
  • Aperture 70mm. Focal Length 700 mm
  • Weighs approx 5 Kg
Specification Value
Brand Yes
Model 70mm/ 700mm
Aperture/ Obj. Lens 70mm
Focal Length 700mm
Optics system 1.25" (universal compatible)
Tripod Full Size Aluminium
Maximum Magnification 525x
Eye pieces 1.25" H20mm, H12.5mm, SR4mm
Color Black
Package Includes: 

OTA, Tripod, 5x24 finder scope, 3 eyepieces,

1.5x erecting eyepiece, 3x barlow lens,

diagonal mirror, fine adjustment lever, lens holder

Hit the "Send Enquiry" button or simply whatsapp us on 7760075625 to enquire!