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RENT: Real Infrared Night Vision Monocular with Recording for Wildlife Observation and Security Surveillance

(SKU ID: KX87D365A44 )

Rs. 500


  • Infrared Night Vision allows you to see in complete darkness

  • Live viewfinder, image capturing and video recording options

  • Date and time stamp on video / image captures

  • 200m range of vision in complete darkness!

  • 5x40 mm optic lens

  • Built in adjustable infrared illuminator - adjust up to 9 levels of infrared brightness (invisible to naked eye but visible through lens!!!

  • Coated Optics 
  • Manual focus
  • Rubberized Finish for improved grip
  • 5x Fixed optical zoom, up to 8x digital zoom
  • Uses 3.7 V "14500" Rechargeable Battery (Note, although similar in size to a AA battery, this is a special battery and regular AA batteries cannot be used in this camera) - Battery will be included at time of renting 
  • Lens caps to protect from dust and moisture
  • Recommended Usage: Wildlife observation, Security surveillance (handheld) etc
  • Included Accessories: Carry Case, Lens Caps, Cleaning Cloth, Instruction Manual, Charging USB cable

1. The camera can be used in day time also 
2. This device allows you to see & record in complete darkness. The purpose of the device is not HD quality videos/ image but to enable night vision. As such, please expect average resolution of videos and images (not HD quality etc)
3. Manufacturer claims 200m range, but we have not tested this (due to multiple buildings around us and no open spaces, we are unable to test). However, there are multiple and reliable youtube reviews of the product posted by international clients of the manufacturer showing good range. In any case, it's a pretty cool product as it is real night vision. 
This item is now available for rent within Bangalore! Flexible options(rent by day/ month/ etc)! Whether it is for security/ suveillance/ wildlife observation at night/ birwatching at night, this is the perfect option for you to enjoy the benefits of renting without having to purchase equipment that you may not have long-term use for! Just hit the "Send Enquiry" button or whatsapp us on 7760075625

Rent More, Save More! Example below - (All amounts are sample amounts) 
Per day Rs. 500
Per week Rs. 2500 (save Rs. 2000! compared to daily rates)

  • This facility is available only for self-pickup and drop within Bangalore 
  • Interested folks would have to pick up the unit in person 
  • Security deposit applicable. Upon return, the rent amount would be deducted from the deposit and remaining amount will be refunded 
  • All items / accessories will be checked at time of lending and return
  • In case any damage/ mishandling/ missing parts found at time of return, borrower forfiets the security deposit and keeps the product  
  • For details on deposit amount/ rent amount by day/ week/ month etc, just hit the "Send Enquiry" button or even better, whatsapp us on 7760075625 to coordinate live!