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RENT: Best In Range Amazing Advance Telescope up to 500x zoom!!! Observe Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Stars and Constellations Like Never Before!

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Rs. 225


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This item is now available for rent within Bangalore! Flexible options (rent by day/ month/ etc)! Whether it is for a field trip/ picnic/ observing a special land/ sky event, this is the perfect option for you to enjoy the benefits of renting without having to purchase equipment that you may not have long-term use for! Just hit the "Send Enquiry" button or whatsapp us on 7760075625

Rent More, Save More! Example below - (All amounts are sample amounts) 
Daily rentals @ Rs. 300 per day
3 Days rental @ Rs. 250 per day
1 Week+ @ Rs. 225 per day up to 1st week, Rs. 100 per day thereafter

After rent period, if you decide to keep/ buy the unit, NO RENT would be charged!

  • This facility is available only within Bangalore 
  • Interested folks would have to pick up the unit in person 
  • Security deposit applicable. Upon return, the rent amount would be deducted from the deposit and remaining amount will be refunded 
  • All items / accessories will be checked at time of lending and return
  • In case any damage/ mishandling/ wear and tear found at time of return, borrower forfiets the security deposit and keeps the product 
  • During peak period/ other special occasions/ holidays etc, a surchage may apply. To know if your dates incur a surcharge, simply ask us
  • For details on deposit amount/ rent amount by day/ week/ month etc, just hit the "Send Enquiry" button or even better, whatsapp us on 7760075625 to coordinate live!  
Product Details: 

Advance Refractor Telescope for Skywatching!

Achieve up to 520x magnification. Observe the Moon, Stars, Constellations Most Planets like you've never seen them before! This telescope is an excellent option for beginners as well as for those who own lower power telescopes. Comes with full sized extendable Aluminium Tripod, 3 different eye pieces, 2 Barlow lens (1.5x and 3x Barlow), 90 degree rotation eye piece, finder scope, accessory disc, user manual, slow motion vertical align control system, and rotation around both vertical and horizontal axes! Weight approx 6 Kg. Aperture 60 mm. Focal Length 700mm.


Achieve 9 different levels of magnification, upto 520 times!!!

Excellent for beginners as well as those who already own lower powered telescopes

Construction comprising sturdy metal materials

Comes with 3 eye pieces, 2 barlow lens, and a 90 degree rotation eye piece, and finder scope with micro adjustments

Comes with an extendable tripod, slow motion vertical control, user manual, and all fittings

Aperture 60mm. Focal Length 700 mm !