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RENT: Black Binoculars 20x50 10x50 Day and Night Use

(SKU ID: QU8537A7352 )

Rs. 80


This item is now available for rent within Bangalore! Flexible options(rent by day/ month/ etc)! Whether it is for a field trip/ picnic/ observing a special event/ sports match, this is the perfect option for you to enjoy the benefits of renting without having to purchase equipment that you may not have long-term use for! Just hit the "Send Enquiry" button or whatsapp us on 7760075625

Rent More, Save More! Example below - (All amounts are sample amounts) 
Daily rentals @ Rs. 125 per day
3 Days rental @ Rs. 100 per day
1 Week+ @ Rs. 80 per day for 1st week, Rs. 40 per day thereafter

After rent period, if you decide to keep/ buy the unit, NO RENT would be deducted, only difference amount to be paid!

  • This facility is available only within Bangalore 
  • Interested folks would have to pick up the unit in person 
  • Security deposit applicable. Upon return, the rent amount would be deducted from the deposit and remaining amount will be refunded 
  • All items / accessories will be checked at time of lending and return
  • In case any damage/ mishandling/ wear and tear found at time of return, borrower forfiets the security deposit and keeps the product  
  • During peak period/ other special occasions/ holidays etc, a surchage may apply. To know if your dates incur a surcharge, simply ask us
  • For details on deposit amount/ rent amount by day/ week/ month etc, just hit the "Send Enquiry" button or even better, whatsapp us on 7760075625 to coordinate live!  
Product Details: 
  • Solid Build
  • Clear Imaging
  • Coated Optics 
  • Dioptric adjustment and Dual focus
  • Rubberized Finish for improved grip
  • Bring things 10 times closer
  • Good light-gathering capacity of 50mm lens
  • Lens caps to protect from dust and moisture
  • Recommended Usage: Bird Watching, Wildlife, Security, Moon observing, Camping and Hiking
  • Included Carry Case, Lanyard, Lens Caps 

Note: We have several unbranded and branded binoculars available for rent at different price ranges. Simply whatsapp us on 7760075625 to discuss your rental requirement and choose the right product