Warranty Information

The products offered on this website may contain one of below warranties. This page is intended to provide information on various warranties provided, to help you determine the kind of support that can be extended on your order. 


Manufacturing Warranty: 

Seller Warranty: 
  • If available, this will be specified on the prduct description page, along with duration of the warranty.
  • This type of warranty is also available for products for which no specific warranty information is mentioned, but a "Sold + Fulfilled By" is mentioned along with Vendor Initials. 
  • If the issue is raised within 3 days from date of delivery, Huligun will facilitate the discussion between Buyer and Vendor. If from the initial discussion it is evident that buyer has received a wrong/ damaged/ defective product, Huligun will allow returning the product to the vendor, and buyer will have the option of requesting for a refund/ reshipping of a replacement.
  • In cases where you encounter issues with a product that is under Seller warranty and has exceeded 3 days from delivery, you may contact the seller/ vendor directly. Huligun's support in this regard will be limited to providing you with contact details of the manufacturer with whom you may take up the issue. 
  • If not mentioned on product description page, the product does not carry this type of warranty. However, buyer is still eligible to raise issues encountered upon delivery.
In addition to above information, below notes apply to ALL Products sold on this website: 
  • All products sold on this website whether directly by Huligun or by one of our vendors, shall be eligible for "Dead-On-Arrival" and "Transit-Damage" Warranty. This means that if a product arrives in broken condition, or is not working when delivered, buyers may contact Huligun and can get information on how to return the product to the vendor. If upon delivery of the product to the vendor the claim is found to be correct, buyer will be eligible for choosing refund/ replacement. In some cases where th damage is limited to a small part that can be replaced by the buyer with ease, Hulgun may ask the vendor to send you replacement of the broken part, and you will not be required to send back the full product or the damaged part to the vendor.  Note that Dead-On-Arrival and Transit-Damage compaints must be raised latest within 24 hours from date and time of delivery. Huligun's assessment of the claim will be based on supporting documents, images, unboxing videos or other videos / information you provide.    
  • In case of disputes between buyer and vendor, Huligun's involvement shall be limited to initial coordination and suggestions for resolution. In cases where evidence provided is in favor of Buyer, Huligun reserves the right to refund the amount to the buyer even if seller does not agree with the issue. 
  • No kind of warranties will be provided on Spares, Accessories, Consumables (eg, pellets, bolts, etc), Freebies and items from the used/ resale category